About our leashes

My leashes are the heart and foundation of this little webshop, and I am very proud that so many dog ​​owners have my leashes as their absolute favourite.

The first leashes I made for myself many years ago and the leashes you find in this store today are a development of those very first leashes. The basic principle has alway been exactly the same; an all-in-one rope leash with a martingale collar.

My leash has all the advantages of the classic slip leash - it is easy to put on and take off, it has no heavy hooks or rattling chains, it is lightweight and is easy to put in your pocket or hang around your neck when your dog is running off-leash. In addition, the collar allows the dog to avoid the discomfort of a tightening loop around the neck and for dogs with long or thick coats, this leash offers less coat damage.

After initially selling a few leashes to friends and acquaintances, interest and demand quickly grew. So here we are now. My simple, practical leashes in their own littel webshop.

Over the years I have also a small selection of other dog supply that I really like.


A few tips before you order your leash

To choose the size of the collar, the easiest way is to measure the circumference of your dog's neck with a tape measure. Measure approximately in the middle of the neck and with as much distance between the measuring tape and your dog's neck as you think is appropriate. You use the measurement in centimeters you get there to choose the size of the necklace. You can see the sizes in the table below. Also keep in mind that the collar should not be so large that your dog can back out of it.

The length of the leash is always 180 cm from collar to handle.
If you choose the "custom size"  option, you can choose a longer or shorter leash and/or a specific measurement of the collar. Enter your custom measurements in the message box at checkout.

XXS 27CM (+/- 1CM) 37 CM (+/- 1CM)
XS 32 CM (+/- 1CM) 44 CM (+/- 1CM)
S 35 CM (+/- 1CM) 46 CM (+/- 1CM)
M 38 CM (+/- 1CM) 49 CM (+/- 1CM)
L 42 CM (+/- 1CM) 57 CM (+/- 1CM)
XL 47 CM (+/- 1CM) 62 CM (+/- 1CM)